How It Works

Pick Your Meals

Enjoy unmatched variety with over 150 healthy meals and snacks to choose from.

We Do the Cooking

Relax! Get fully prepared meals on your schedule, no rigid structure or hassles here.

Heat & Enjoy

Every meal and snack is ready to heat and eat. No prep and zero mess.
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Eat Well With Balance

Food You Can Trust.

We only serve the same high-quality food and ingredients that we eat at our own dinner tables. We believe that great food is minimally processed and as close to natural as possible.

Made Just for You.

Every entrée is prepared by our culinary team in small batches, just like how you would cook in your own kitchen.

Better for You, Too.

Our delicious, healthy recipes are designed by our team of Registered Dietitians to make eating healthy easy whether for weight loss, a specialty diet, or just convenience.

Find Your Balance

Our chefs create delicious meals in conjunction with our team of registered dietitians. What does this mean for you? Easy filtering to find meals that fit your specific needs.


Gluten Free

Low Sodium




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